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LEFT: Goal and strategies of the Prescribers and Pharmacists Action Team 

Prescribers and Pharmacists

Co-Leads: Matt Willis, Jeff Harris, Peter Behel

The California Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), CURES, is committed to assisting in the reduction of pharmaceutical drug diversion without affecting legitimate medical practice and patient care.

The CURES system is designed to identify and deter drug abuse and diversion through accurate and rapid tracking of Schedule II through IV controlled substances. It is a valuable investigative, preventive and educational tool for law enforcement, regulatory boards, educational researchers, and the healthcare community.

Please note that CURES applicants must complete their registration process by submitting an online registration. Additionally, they must submit a notarized application form (available to print immediately after submitting the online registration), along with the validating documents listed at the top of each application form. Having the following documents available will be helpful to completing the registration application: U.S. Government-issued ID, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Registration, State Professional License (i.e., Physician, Pharmacist, Veterinarian, Physician Assistant, Registered Nurse, etc.) The application must be submitted to the Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigative Services/PDMP, P.O. Box 160447, Sacramento, CA 95816, or electronically in the form of PDF attachments to pmp@doj.ca.gov .