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Looking for RxSafe, LLC, makers of the RxSafe 1800 and RxASP automation systems? Click here to visit their website http://rxsafe.com/, or email them info@rxsafe.com. Please note that RxSafe, LLC is not formally affiliated with RxSafe Marin.

The Action Teams, formed around five areas of concentration: community-based prevention, prescribers and pharmacists, data collection and monitoring, treatment and recovery, and law enforcement, have developed measurable strategies across various domains to address prescription drug misuse and abuse.  
To date, RxSafe Marin has implemented the following strategies:         
1. The prescriber and physician group instituted county-wide guidelines (with the goal of becoming policy) to reduce the number of narcotics prescribed in local emergency rooms      
2. The data collection and monitoring group created a report card with data from multiple sectors to describe and provide a benchmark for tracking progress over time as prevention efforts continue 

3. The number of drug take back sites expanded to include county Kaiser locations and one additional police department
4. RxSafe Marin’s process and progress is being presented and shared with various audiences to help strengthen community prevention efforts

5. Marin County HHS is providing backbone support through their media team and part-time staff, as well as securing one-time funding through the Marin County Board of Supervisors, aimed at supporting action team implementation 

6. RxSafe Marin committee members are providing technical assistance to other counties and organizations to help establish analogous collaborative organizations
​For more information visit www.rxsafemarin.org/ or email RxSafeMarin@gmail.com.