Here at RxSafe Marin our mission is to promote safety in the community. Under normal circumstances our updates revolve around harm reduction and dispelling myths about opioid abuse & treatment. However, the present situation has altered our immediate concerns. Our team has always worked hard to promote opioid safety and provide knowledge regarding opioid abuse, and the work will continue! This post though, is about dispelling bad information you may be getting from the news media, social media, or even accidentally from friends and family. In the spirit of clarity and level-headedness, here are some links from the most reputable sources available about the outbreak, and how you can keep yourself and your family safe.

Just as a virus spreads from person-to-person, so too can disinformation, which may be even more harmful. Please, DO NOT trust rumors, only rely on updates from established organizations. As tempting as relying on talk-show hosts, or social media posts, or friends and family might be, we must avoid the dissemination of hysteria and rumors.

From the Center for Disease Control

How to Prepare:


Latest Updates:

From the World Health Organization

Monitor the Situation:

Technical Guidance:

Latest Updates:

From Marin County’s Health and Human Services

Latest updates & Frequently asked questions: 


News,Public Health Advisory


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