It seems like whenever the world gets a handle on one specific drug that is causing problems, a new one shows up that needs to be addressed. We all know how the original opioid problem came to fruition; people got addicted to pills, the pills lead to heroin, the heroin lead to fentanyl, and now a new illicit drug, Isotonitazene, a novel synthetic opioid. Isotonitazene like fentanyl, is many times stronger than heroin and imported from overseas. In the span of about a year, isotonitazene went from being practically unheard of to being implicated in a fatal overdoses across the Midwest.

Barry Logan, a leading international forensic toxicology authority, identified isotonitazene in over 200 deceased drug users in the Midwest and northeast since August 2019 and is responsible for 40-50 overdose deaths per month.

USA Today reported that drug enforcement officials seized large quantities of isotonitazene, a “designer” opioid, meaning it is entirely artificial and created in a lab. Click here to read the entire article.
Read more about isotonitazene: 40 Americans Are Dying Every Month From this New, Legal Opioid


Opioid Epidemic


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