Every year on the 31st of August, a global campaign of raising awareness about the preventable nature of overdose deaths is recognized. We are encouraged to be mindful on Overdose Awareness Day of the signs of drug abuse, addiction, and how to help our loved ones through their substance abuse disorder. We at RxSafe would like to remind people that addiction is not a failure of willpower, or of moral degradation, but rather that these chemicals have a tangible, physical effect on our brains – which if left unaddressed – can cause a person to spiral into addiction. Every year roughly half a million people die around the world from these preventable circumstances, and in the USA our country is crippled by the highest rates of overdose deaths of a single nation in the world. Trying to keep our citizens alive and safe should be a nonpartisan issue, and you at home can help bring down our number of deaths per year. Click the link HERE to visit the official International Overdose Day website. There you’ll find resources, educational literature, and ways to help your own and the global community.


Opioid Epidemic


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