On February 28th, Marin County 7th-8th grade middle school students attended the annual Peer Summit at Dominican University where they were treated to many workshops on topics such as Gun Safety, Respect and Toxic Masculinity, and Safe Sex. RxSafe Marin AmeriCorps VISTAs, Spencer Kraynik and Susan Kim presented a workshop titled, It Can Happen in a Second to raise awareness to students about opioids, harm reduction, Good Samaritan laws, and received a naloxone training. The students were eager to learn, and our presentation included skits and videos to help engage the students. They asked lots of questions about Naloxone, and the prominence of drugs in schools. At the end of the presentations, each student received a safe-disposal bag filled with literature about the topics covered, as well as a take-home naloxone kit. The students felt empowered to know that with quick action, they can save lives.




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